Saturday 24 September 2016

Rum Olympics - Round two round up

A quick post to round up the second leg of the Rum Olympics, a lot of interesting ones here  although sadly missed out on one selection as they'd proved too popular! Bet they were awful ones anyway..

So here's the final 16 and my candidates for what I think they are, some of those are more guesswork than others...the winners will be revealed at Kilderkin on Sunday 25th September from 3pm, so come along and find out.

Rum Twenty One

Aroma - Light and woody with some caramel, really inviting (6)

Taste - Quite light and subtle, sweet but not overly so, dangerously sippable (6)

Finish - Smooth, long and a little dry (6)

Captain Bligh (St Vincent) (18)

Rum Twenty Two

Aroma - Quite powerful with a bit of a sea air thing going on (7)

Taste - Very dry and tingly before a sweetness comes though like hitting the middle of a sherbet lemon (6)

Finish - Long and dry (6)

Quite stuck on this one, so I'll guess Ryoma (Japan) (19)

Rum Twenty Three

Aroma - Strong but not much else there (5)

Taste - Woody and warm with a nice pepperiness (8)

Finish - Smooth and warm, quite long (8)

The pepperiness makes me think this is an Angostura (Trinidad & Tobago) (21)

Rum Twenty Four

Aroma - Very rich toffee notes with some coffee (7)

Taste - A bit harsh but covered by the sweetness (5)

Finish - Long and burnt tasting (4)

Struggling to identify this, I'll go with Old Monk (India) (16)

Rum Twenty Five

Aroma - Quite dry but not much else to say about it (4)

Taste - A tingly vegetal thing, like licking a nettle (4)

Finish - Long and quite savoury (4)

Really unsure what to make of this, it's weirdly savoury. At a guess Barbancourt (Haiti) (12)

Rum Twenty Six

Aroma - Oranges, lots of oranges (5)

Taste - Yes, it's oranges (4)

Finish - Long and orangey (4)

We've already had Pyrat so I'm stuck on what the hell this is. Strange Holiday Rum (Spain)(13)

Rum Twenty Seven

Aroma - Cloves ginger and cinnamon, very Christmasey (6)

Taste -  Christmas spices and sweetness (6) 

Finish - Little bitey and hot (4)

This is definitely Dark Matter (Scotland) (16) - as an aside it made a nice mix with rum twenty six

Rum Twenty Eight

Aroma -  Really nothing here, barely able to tell it's actually rum (3)

Taste -  Wood notes and that's about it (3)

Finish - A little peppery (3)

Another hard to place, perhaps Cruzan (St Croix) (9)

Rum Twenty Nine

Aroma - Quite sharp and harsh (4)

Taste -  Thin, watery no real body to it(4)

Finish -  Rough and hot (2)

This was accurately summed up to me as "Just a wee bit shit" so it's likely Bundaberg (Australia) (10)

Rum Thirty

Aroma -  Quite rich but subtle, smooth(6) 

Taste - Warm, with stewed bananas and a bit smokey (8)

Finish - Long, warm and smokey (7)

Really liked this one, I think it's Goslings Old Rum (Bermuda) (21)

Rum Thirty One

Aroma - Not a lot to it, alcohol and balsa wood (4)

Taste - Starts quite well but soon it's all TCP (5)

Finish -  Short, hot and stingy (4)

Blergh, not very good at all, my candidate is Ron Prohibidio (Mexico) (13)

Rum Thirty Two

Aroma - Grassy notes and a strange chemical overtone, like sniffing paint on a lawnmower (3)

Taste - Chemical and dry aspirin (3)

Finish - Lingering and weird (3)

Really not enjoyable, I think it's Berry Bros Fiji (Fiji) (9)

Rum Thirty Three

Aroma - Quite punchy with toffee and leathery tobacco (8)

Taste - Sweet, woody and toffee (8)

Finish - A little short but pleasant (8)

As we've not had it yet Ron Zacapa (Guatelmala) (24)

Rum Thirty Four

Aroma - Quite light, almost perfumed and rather delicate (8)

Taste - Light and subtle sweetness, a little let down after the nose (6)

Finish - Perfectly pleasant but unmemorable (6)

Possibly something like La Hechicera (Colombia) (20)

Rum Thirty Five

Aroma - Bland, inoffensive (5)

Taste - Very very dry with some sweetness underneath that (5)

Finish - Lingering and a bit plasticy (5)

Not great, not terrible, not easy to guess what the hell it is. My somewhat arbitrary guess is Fair (Belize) (15)

Rum Thirty Six

Aroma - Like someone had liquidized a Highland Toffee bar 4

Taste - As above, it's just toffee and nothing else 4

Finish - Sweet and lingering with a real harshness coming through 3

Sickly sweet and not very enjoyable, i think it's Don Papa (Phillipines) (12)

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