Sunday 28 August 2016

Rum Olympics - rounds 4 & 5

The closing stages of the first round of the Rum Olympics brought together some disparate spirits, some were Usain Bolt, others were more Paula Radcliffe in Athens.

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Rum thirteen

Aroma - Ooft, this one is a bit harsh on the nose, a weird mixture of windolene and petrol (2)

Taste - A burnt edge with rubbery, ashy notes like eating a burnt rubber band (2)

Finish - Oddly chemical tasting and lingering (1)

Bad, just bad. I'm 50/50 on what this is and I'm going with Mehkong (Thailand) (5)

Rum fourteen

Aroma - Lots and lots of toffee with some coffee coming through and a sort of toffee popcorn feel to it. (6)

Taste - As expected from the nose this is sweet, but not overbearing with some alcohol burn that helps offset the sweetness (6)

Finish - Surprisingly clean for everything that's gone before, slips down fairly easily (6)

Enjoyed this one, sweet but not too sweet and very easy drinking.  I think this is Ron Millonario (Peru) (18)

Rum fifteen

Aroma - Bland, there really isn't anything coming off this at all, I could tell you it's alcohol and that's about it (1)

Taste - The problem with such a bland nose is that there's no warning of the taste.  This is bitter, harsh, like walking into a school changing room and being enveloped in a cloud of Lynx Africa (1)

Finish - Lingering and bitter (1)

This glass didn't need washed afterwards, it needed exorcised, this is competing with Stroh for the bottom spot so far, stuck for what this might be No idea (the depths of hell) (3)

Rum sixteen

Aroma - Some light butterscotch, not too much going on but pleasant enough (4)

Taste -  A bit of funk and some punchiness with sweetness coming in later (4)

Finish - Quite dry, not too long, not too short (4)

Inoffensive, but equally not that exciting, this would be a good bottle to have on the table and drink away while doing something else.  I think it's Chairman's Reserve (St Lucia) (12)

The Windsor Buffet

                                              Rum seventeen

Aroma - Interesting, orange peel and nougat, aniseed and paint stripper (5)

Taste - Orange, lots of orange like a molten Terry's Chocolate Orange (4)

Finish - Dry, long and very, very orangey (3)

Seriously sweet, this is practically a liqueur to taste it so this is Pyrat (Anguilla) (12)

Rum eighteen

Aroma - Lots of cut grass and funky notes, definitely challenging (5) 

Taste - Punchy, a little think with a definite alcohol bite and a long vegetal note (5)

Finish - Short, hot and a bit dry (4)

Definitely a challenging rum, but the Laphroaig drinker in me likes that sometimes. My suspect is Smith & Cross (Jamaica) (14)

Rum nineteen

Aroma - Not much if anything here, a little sweetness and alcohol that tells you it's a rum but not much else (4)

Taste - A bit of bite here, some woody notes which are quite pleasant but otherwise meh (4)

Finish - Non-existent, it's just gone (3)

A boring white rum, can't be too harsh as white rums are made for mixing but this is meh. I'm making a guess at Brugal Blanco (Dominican Republic (11)

Rum twenty

Aroma - Some vegetal notes and a big alcohol hit, a little sweetness (5) 

Taste - Sweet and bitter with a kind of grainy flavour to it that's hard to describe (4)

Finish - Long, warm and woody with a bit of harshness (4)

Not sure about this one, it's a bit allover the shop but enjoyably so. The aroma makes me think it's an agricole but it doesn't taste as funky as you'd expect from an agricole. Arbitrarily I'll say Pere Labat (Guadeloupe) (13)


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