Tuesday 9 August 2016

Rum Olympics - Rounds two and three

A double session on Sunday saw a marathon between La Petite Mort and Bennets Bar taking in rounds 2 & 3 of the Rum Olympics.  A group of us, fulled by an excellent brunch started with the selection at La Petite Mort.

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La Petite Mort 

Rum five

La Petite Mort selection
Aroma - Some alcohol burn, with woody notes but overall quite subtle (7)

Taste - Some light toffee notes and a bit of bite and a definitely drying (6)

Finish - Quite smooth, long and dry (5)

Quite enjoyable and complex, I think it's a Ron Abuelo (Panama) (18)

Rum six

Aroma - Really very little here, some grassy notes but mainly just alcohol (2)

Taste - Lot of burn with some citrus (2)

Finish - Harsh and quite a lot of burn (1)

Not great, I think it's a cachaca so I'll go with Abelha Cachaca (Brazil) (5)

Rum seven

Aroma - This is what despair smells like (1)

Taste - Weird, industrial, burnt rubber(1)

Finish - Long, genuinely unpleasant (1)

This has to be Stroh, which is by a distance the worst rum I've ever tasted. Stroh (Austria) (3).

Rum eight

Aroma - Quite light but sweet, plenty of butterscotch (7)

Taste - Quite sweet but not overpowering, pretty well balanced (8)

Finish - Long, sweet but with a little burnt edge to it (7)

Enjoyable and very sippable, my candidate is Plantation Barbados 5yo (Barbados) (22)

Bennets Bar

Bennets rums

 Rum nine 

Aroma - Really not much here, some alcohol notes and maybe some coconut (4)

Taste - A bit of aniseed and coconut (4)

Finish - Nothing really, it's just gone (2)

An underwhelming low ABV white rum, I say Bacardi (Puerto Rico) (10)

Rum ten

Aroma - Dark toffee notes and some alcohol warmth (8)

Taste - Sweet toffee with a hot edge to it, a kind of hot buttered toast flavour to it (8)

Finish - Long, warm and very smooth, no burn worth mentioning (7)

Really stuck for what this is so I'll say it's a Flor de Cana (Nicaragua) (23)

Rum eleven

Aroma - the burnt sugar on top of a creme brulee (8)

Taste - Punchy, aggressive in a good way and praline notes (8)

Finish - Long, very long with nutty warmth (8)

I'm fairly sure this is Pussers (Navy) (24)

Rum twelve

Aroma - A little funky and sweet, a bit confusing (4)

Taste - Toffee, sweetness, almost cloying but not quite (4)

Finish - A lingering sweetness (4)

A bit one note this, it's sweet, very sweet but that's about it. Crying out for some citrus to cut through it. I'm saying Diplomatico Blanco Reserva (Venezuela) (12)

Some very, very sippable rums in these two selections. Yes rum 7 is awful, but that serves the purpose of showing that every other rum you will ever taste is better than this.  Watch this space for rounds 4 and 5 in the weeks to come

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