Tuesday 28 May 2013

Stroh 40 - I drank it so you don't have to

Stroh is an Austrian spiced rum and is as redolent of the Caribbean as you'd expect a drink from there to be.
To the facts:
  • 40% ABV - but 60% and 80% versions are available, if you're mental
  • Unaged spiced rum
  • £21 a bottle
  • Been around since the 1850's, there is some controversy about what this is made from, some sources say sugar beets, some say a little bit of real rum and then grain neutral spirit, others say sugar cane.
  • The Stroh website describes the aroma as unmistakable, well that's for sure, no other rum gives off the scent of burnt rubber and play-doh with a hint of ginger that this does.
  • Flavour wise it's a very aggressive alcohol burn, giving away the lack of ageing and the source of the alcohol.
  • Weird plastic, synthetic flavour with very slight hints of ginger and cinnamon
  • Diluting with coke brings out the ginger so it tastes somewhat like a not very good ginger beer
  • Don't, just don't
    This really is pretty awful stuff, I'm by no means a fan of the massive vanilla hit of a Sailor Jerry but at least it's not this, Stroh's sole purpose is to serve as a baseline for what bad rum tastes like.

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