Tuesday 28 May 2013

Ron Abuelo 7yo

A Panamanian rum, the only one I've tried thus far and a bit more complex than I'd expected. The basics
  • A blend of at least 7 year-old rums
  • Aged in white oak
  • Around £25 a bottle
  • 40% ABV
  • Burnt caramel colour
  • Once it warms up in the glass you get a huge toffee hit on the nose with some floral hints following after
  • It's on the palate that things get a bit more interesting, you really get very different flavours depending on how big a sip you take:
    • Taking a small sip you get quite a floral taste with a good bit of dryness followed by a mellow heat on the way down and a lightly smoked aftertaste, almost like a decent Speyside whisky
    • A larger taste gives more toffee and vanilla but not to the exclusion of the floral flavours and the dryness remains but is more subdued, still slightly smokey.
All in all this is a good value sipper, something a bit different and a little more challenging perhaps than other rums but that's no bad thing. This would be a good after-dinner drink or I can see it going well with some dried meats and cheeses.

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