Tuesday 28 May 2013

Ron La Hechicera - the Enchantress

This is quite a new rum to the UK, launching here late last year, apparently it's been around in Colombia for ages and two daughters of the family are trying to bring it to a wider market as a premium rum.
So, the basics
  • Pronounced etch-ee-seh-rah
  • No age statement but a blend of 12-21 year old rums, mixed in a solera system
  • No additives, no chill filtering
  • Aged in Jack Daniels barrels
  • Around £40 a bottle
  • 40% ABV
  • Light golden colour
  • Lot of toffee and vanilla on the nose with a hint of coffee and cocoa
  • Bursting with flavour once it warms up a little or you loosen it up with a splash of water, lots of vanilla, orange, cinnamon and toffee with a little smoke on the finish.
  • Very smooth going down, as you'd expect with a nice lingering warmth.
  • This feels like it would go very nicely in a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.
Personally I thought it was a lovely drop and the bottle is a beautiful thing, the main photo doesn't show it too well but it's a raised blue seal on the front of the bottle which is very striking and really grabs the attention.

The premium rum market is buzzing just now with a lot of very high quality booze coming to a shelf or back bar near you, La Hechicera is competing with the likes of Zacapa 23 and El Dorado 15 and fits very comfortably in such august company and I'm definitely looking forward to sampling more of this beautiful rum.

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