Tuesday 28 May 2013

Plantation Barbados range

Plantation are a side project by a French Cognac distiller, now Cognac manufacturing is all about the blending, bringing together the elements to create a harmonious whole. Apparently over the years a lot of rum distillers went to this Cognac looking for barrels to give a nice finish to their rums, in return the French took some barrels of rum and created the plantation range.
The rums are decanted and aged in smaller cognac barrels for up to 2 years before blending and bottling.
I'll add a small caveat before my review - as this was a tasting it was only a glass of each (though I've had the 5 yo and 2000 before) and I had just eaten a rather delicious pizza.

3 Stars
  • A blend of white rums from Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica
  • 41.2% ABV
  • £20 a bottle
  • Aged about 90 days
  • Nose - some banana, sweetness and not a huge amount else
  • Flavour - the banana is subtle but present, layered over a pleasant sweetness and without the harshness you might expect
  • Finish - clean, short
  • Also tried this in a daiquiri and this really comes into its own once mixed, I'm not a white rum drinker but I'd happily have a bottle of this for cocktails

Bardados 5 year old
  • 5 years in ex-bourbon in Barbados then finished in France
  • the youngest rum is 5 years old
  • A mix of pot still and continuous still rums
  • 40% ABV
  • £23 a bottle
  • Nose - lot of toffee sweetness with coconut and vanilla
  • Flavour - Toffee, vanilla, coconut and spiced orange
  • Finish - subtle, smooth with a lingering warmth
You could mix this but you really don't need to, an absolute bargain of a rum

Barbados 2000
  • As the name suggests rums from the year 2000
  • 42% ABV
  • £35 a bottle
  • Pot still rums only
  • Nose - the vanilla and coconut really come through but aren't overpowering, still a very pleasant sweetness
  • Flavour - an initial toffee sweetness with banana and coconut coming through later with another fruit flavour I couldn't quite place
  • Finish - a very smooth and very long finish

20th Anniversary
  • a blend of Barbadian rums with the youngest being 12 years old
  • Beautifully presented
  • 40% ABV
  • £45 a bottle
  • Nose - As before it's the toffee, coconut and vanilla but each expression gets more subtle and refined
  • Flavour - a rich, sweet and very rounded taste with toffee, vanilla, a little bit of chocolate adding to the coconut and orange accents. An almost buttery feel in the mouth
  • Finish - incredibly smooth, this glides down your throat leaving a very satisfying warmth and a little hint of grape

Original Dark Overproof
  • Around 5 years old
  • a blend of Trinidadian rums
  • 73% ABV
  • £33 a bottle
  • Nose - Very intense toffee and smoke
  • Flavour - Toffee, heat and some vanilla
  • Finish - a lot of heat but smoother than it has any right to be

Overall Plantation rums are some of the biggest bargains I think you can find in the rum world, the 20th anniversary is one of the best rums I've tasted and is an absolute steal at that price. Each expression builds on the previous one, refining and improving it.
Any of the dark rums would be a great entry point for a friend who says they don't like rum. As for the overproof it's not my thing but it's nicer than anything that strong has any right to be, there is actual flavour rather than just raw alcohol burn and the white rum does make a very nice daiquiri.

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